Trump – Fire in the Brain?

Donald Trump has a fire in his brain…

That’s the opinion of many mental health professionals…including those from such prestigious institutions as the Harvard Medical School.

President Trump, according to those professionals is suffering from a disease know as Narcissistic Personality Disorder – or NPD. This is one of the reasons for his constant tweets. He, like all NPD sufferers, needs constant reassurance that they are God’s gift to mankind, loved, cherished and adored by all. And, of course “The Donald” is not.

Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper  explores Donald Trump’s NPD, and it’s effects on his actions, and more, in his book – Blonde Ambition – (book three) Fire in the Brain.

Giving us a deeper perspective into the psychological defects that control the actions of a man clearly out of control.



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French Travel Finds

French Places to Stay. French Travel Guidebooks. French Chateaux Guides. Don’t we have enough of these already? (Not to mention French Travel Phrasebooks and French Vocabulary audiobooks)
Do we really need another,? That was my first thought when I received an advance copy of Christopher Strong’s French Travel Finds – Exceptional French Places to Stay.
But I was happily surprised to find that Christopher, the Author of the  “More Than a year in Provence” series, and creator of the Lifestyle/Adventure film series “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France” has put a new and refreshing spin on the French Travel Accommodation guide.
It’s simple. Effective. And logical. What he’s done, is to use large full color photos, complimented only by the descriptions of the accommodation providers.
And when I say “large” photos, I mean covering half a page. Often a full page.
Inviting the owners of those French Dream places to share their passion in their own words was another very savvy move. Their authentic rhapsodizing, plus the incredible images, confirm that this book is definitely a “French Travel Find!” One that no serious Francophile should be without.


Jeb Bush Goes Paleo!

like we need another war in iraq!



Jeb Bush Goes Paleo! – Yes, boys and girls, truth IS stranger than fiction. And why, you may well ask is presidental pretender Jeb Bush embracing the Paleo Weight LossDiet? Well, think about it for a minute. After you kiss babies, promise to lower taxes, and donate to charity, what ELSE can you do to get the voters into your tent?

And hey – it’s great publicity too – right? What I’ll be waiting to see is if Jeb Bushbecomes the third bush-ite to inhabit the White House…will he be able to resist all the decidedly non-paleo goodies on the table at those State Dinner galas?

Jeb Bush stays Paleo? Only time (and his waistline) will tell!


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A Tour de France Photo Holiday?

i’ll be there!


bicyclegourmet.comA Tour de France Photo Holiday? Sound like a plan? Well, as you’re probably aware there’s no shortage of French Travel Photo Tours to choose from. And thats the rock and the hard place – right? The obvious question being : “How do you pick the one that’s right for you?

Well, first of all depends on your photographic interests. Are you into Landscape photography? If so, then someone who specializes in the back streets of Paris by night, may not be your best choice!

The there’s the next most important “pre tour” French Travel Photo Workshopoptions: Money and time. If you’ve got the first one handled, the second could be the deal breaker. Especially if the time that’s available works great for you – but not for your boss. (here’s where being self-employed really pays off!)

If you can line up the money/time ducks – the best, and most obvious…

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Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Success Secrets

solid inside info here!


Kindle sp insider secrets

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Success Secrets– are there really any? Or are all the courses, tips and hacks just online marketers taking advantage of wannabe Authors?

After all, do you think that Stephen King, Amanda Hocking, B.J LaRue, or J.K.Rowling ever took a writing course? Much less a “how to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle”one?

That fact alone encourages untold thousands of would be Authors to think: “Well – if they didn’t have any literary education, and they made it….then I can too!” Inspirational. Definitely. And definitely wrong! Because, like Mr. Dylan sang: “the times they are a changin'”

In fact – they HAVE changed. Amazon Kindle Self Publishing is not the same “book game” it was when those authors got a leg up. There’s more competition. And the big time Authors who have already made it ,haven’t stopped publishing!

And publishing, like selling anything…

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